3 Simple TikTok Tips to Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business (fast and free), you can’t ignore TikTok.

In 2020, I started a TikTok account after a good friend told me she went viral from ONE video.

That video reached over 200k people in 4 days.

Plus, it was only the 5th video she ever posted!

Crazy, right?

Then it happened…

My second video ever went viral and reached over 250k people.

It was nothing special, just shot with a phone camera, no mic, in my apartment (selfie style).

Here are a few tips I’ve learned since then, so you can grow your following (and income)…

Tip #1: Consistency

You have to post every day.

There is no way around it because you can’t hit a grand slam (viral video) unless you step up to bat.

I can hear you asking, what do you post every day?

Read on for the answer…

Tip #2: Timing

For every video, you create, keep it under 30 seconds.

Also, create voiceovers for your videos and use the TikTok video editor.

The first 3–5 seconds are the most important because it’s your chance to HOOK your followers.

Tip #3: Creativity

Show your creativity and be intentional with your hook at the start, and followers should start pouring in.

Use TikTok’s trending sounds and be creative with your messages to your audience.

Remember the question earlier about what to post?

Post the most important things your audience wants to know.

You can discover what that is by seeing what TikTok videos are most popular in your niche.

Post daily, keep your content short and punchy, and get creative.

You’ll start discovering what works and what doesn’t.

And as your following increases, your income can increase as well.


For most videos, it’s good enough to use the TikTok video editor in the app.

However, it doesn’t have everything!

To add extra effects, such as little engaging sounds during the video, I use an app called Filmora.

Video is the most engaging and fastest way to grow a successful affiliate marketing business.

At this point, you need to push yourself to get outside your comfort zone.

It gets easier the most you do it.

And if you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to seeing massive success.

You have an ocean of free leads waiting for you, .

With gratitude,


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Steve is a passionate entrepreneur & founder of CashFlowMarketer: www.cashflowmarketing.net

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