4 Leadership Rules (Day 4)

Steven Droege
2 min readNov 29, 2020


Yesterday we talked about having systems for everything. Today is the final day and final principle.

I went through a time in my journey where I was all over the place. Everything seemed like a great idea, you tell me about it, I tried it.

The issue was that I never tried it for long. The excitement wore out, and so did my enthusiasm.

I felt like a failure, and it felt frustrating because nothing seemed to work.

Then I came to a point where I had all these different business ventures I was trying, I had all kinds of other expenses, and no profit.

But everything changed for the positive when I learned this simple lesson…

Leadership Principle #4: Wealthy leaders are consistent.

Inconsistency creates poverty. So, I committed to being consistent with my actions. If I started something, I promised myself I would finish it; I would show up every day.

By committing to consistency, I could filter out the noise and focus only on projects that I cared about doing. Once I chose a project, I didn’t jump ship for the “next best thing.”

My plan was to be more selective about how I spend my time and money. Leaders say no more often than yes. Saying no to things that you don’t enjoy or profit from will save you much time and money.

Being more consistent allowed me to achieve a lot of success that I wouldn’t have had if I quit too early. The growth I experienced allowed me to have more time with my family and gave us more choice in life.

Consistency has meant that I lead by example, I say I’ll do something, and I do. It shows “life” that you’re willing to swing back.

Ultimately, consistency helps us take control of our time to build a successful life. Remember, no matter how difficult something might seem, failure never beats persistence over time.

So, what’s the moral / lesson of the story?

You Lead Your Life, and you can always choose to be consistent and persistent with your dreams. Leaders show up consistently; they don’t stop when the weather gets bad.

And what is the meaning/takeaway for your life and business?

Your wealth and influence will increase as a leader in proportion to your consistency. Use Lead Your Life to become the most influential leader in your environment. You will have anything you want when you take leadership of yourself.



Steven Droege

Steve is a passionate entrepreneur & founder of CashFlowMarketer: www.cashflowmarketing.net