The Sales Funnels Model IS DEAD🪦

Steven Droege
4 min readOct 18, 2022

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

A community member recently emailed asking about how to get more sales online:

I saw you at the Mastermind this summer and it was so inspiring. I got home and I did the thing.

…but I don’t see any conversions.

I can’t seem to get this to work, and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Can/will you help me?

I decided to break it down for him & share the answer with you.

Here’s the secret that most people aren’t doing…

Right now, the average person is trying to drive people through sales funnels like this:

If you’re doing this, it probably isn’t working well.

The days are gone when you drive strangers through a sales funnel and convert sales.

It doesn’t work anymore because so MANY marketers are now doing it…

Your leads are tired of being driven through sales funnels.

Remember, they have choices.

Why should they choose you?

Instead, stand out by adopting a Flywheel approach:

The difference between the Flywheel and the Sales Funnel is conversation.

Most sales don’t happen on the first interaction with your funnel.

In fact, most people take multiple exposures to you and your message before they get started.

When people reach out, interested in what you have, respond to them directly and start being obsessed with them and their problems.

What are their goals?

What do they want to accomplish?

“Conversions” happen with “Conversations”.

Your content’s purpose is NOT to send people through your sales funnel.

Your content’s purpose is to start conversations so you can have A LOT of private messenger interactions.

Here’s The Amazing Part…

Most people (even huge influencers) are NOT willing to have conversations…

  • They want to drive people through bots
  • Send leads to virtual assistants
  • Pin a comment to the top of their video with a sales funnel link.

Responding to people helps you stand out over 99% of the other marketers.


Let’s also talk about paid traffic…

If you are currently running a Facebook ad hoping to that people will:

  • Click your link
  • Go through your sales funnel and buy

You are wasting money.

Here is how to finesse paid ads…

You should be running 3 ads (one ad for cold, warm, and hot traffic).

Step 1: Your cold traffic ad should be a very general video designed to get people to watch it.

That’s the only goal is to get people to watch. It’s how you introduce yourself to strangers.

Step 2: You create an ad that retargets the people who watched more than 50% of your cold traffic ad above.

The goal of this ad is to take those people who watched more than 50% of your cold traffic ad & turn them into email subscribers (now they are warm).

Step 3: You create an ad that retargets your warm traffic with an offer to buy something from you.

The goal of this ad is to turn your warm leads (subscribers) into paying customers.

Here is what it looks like visually:

While those 3 ads are ongoing, you monitor and split test pieces of each ad (video, copywriting, etc)… to continuously improve your results and lower your ad costs.

You are constantly feeding your pixel, so its targeting becomes more accurate.

*The Big Takeaway From All of This*

Create content to encourage more organic conversations with you.

Create content that will get people talking.

Here is one of my recent examples:

One last thing, I want you to have the 1-Minute Video Execution Plan so you can create awesome content that gets conversations (and sales) going:

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