Creating a New Business From Our Private Plane

Steven Droege
5 min readOct 4, 2022


Let me tell you a story about building your successful online business…

Recently, I decided to show others how easy it is to start with affiliate marketing.

It’s so simple, that you can build your business in 2 hours from thousands of feet in the sky…

So, I took our family on a private flight for the first time, building a business in less than 2 hours.

But first, I want to be clear…

Most people fail because they are afraid to get started.

It’s not that they don’t know how…

They never DO.

They ask how to get started, they get the path to get started, but then they don’t want to do the work…

On top of that, I built the sales funnel for you in the sky…

So you can copy and paste the same sales funnel system that earned me over $200k in our first 9 months…


Step 1: Download The Execution Plan

If you don’t have it, download the Execution Plan on the first page of our site:

It’s our 8-step process to get the done for you sales system.

(Get it on Page 2 | Step 2)…

DO NOT move to step 2 until you have the Execution Plan…

And before you ask, you can download the Execution Plan for free.

When you download it, you will get a confirmation.

Get it now…

I’ll wait :)

Step 2: Facebook

At a few thousand feet in the air, I started to create my Facebook page…

I believe that Facebook is the king of social media.

Facebook has the best tools to communicate and help you monetize your content!

You can get paid for ads, people watching your videos, brand collaborations, paid subscription groups, and MORE!

In this step, choose a niche (topic) you want to talk about online…

Google the topic, followed by the words “Affiliate Programs.”

For example, “Woodworking Affiliate Programs.”

Now, choose ONE affiliate program from your research…

And create a Facebook business page around that topic.

Click here for the best article to set it up

If you don’t know how to do it, do it ANYWAYS!

Just start and figure it out along the way.

You don’t need experience, you won’t break anything, and it costs nothing.

If you find yourself still reading this email and not doing any of this, recognize that this is why you are not getting what you want from life.

Some people, analyze and research; and analyze and analyze, and research more.


They think they need more info…

So, they keep reading and learning, but never have anything to show for it…

DO NOT move on to step 3 until you finish this step…

I’ll be waiting. :)

Step 3: Give Away Value

From that Facebook business page, I knew I would never make sales if I tried to sell an affiliate product alone…

I was talking with our pilot and decided I wanted others to experience the beauty of flying without TSA, lines at the airport, waiting to board in groups, and baggage headaches.

So I decided to promote a private jet affiliate program and needed something valuable to give away.

Google search private flights, and you’ll see tips for beginners to fly private.

I decided to create valuable content with 10 tips for beginners to fly private.


Use Google trends and research the most commonly asked questions about your niche.

Then, head to and download a (done for you) free product to give away in step 4.


Step 4: Putting It Together

We’re about 40 minutes into the flight at this point…

(Quick break to grab a snack and water)

Let’s get back to it!

With the Execution Plan downloaded, the done-for-you sales funnel added, the Facebook page made, the topic researched and done for you product downloaded (to give away)

It’s time to build the foundation for an email list…

Step 5: Build Your Email List

Our son came on this flight, so I took some time to hold him near the window so he could look out and see the beautiful blue lake.

We were flying north to an iconic vacation spot in Michigan called Mackinac Island.

It’s a little-known fact that there’s a tiny airport in the middle of the island.

However, commercial flights don’t land on it.

Mackinac Island is like stepping back into the 1800s because cars aren’t allowed.

It’s only horses, bikes, and walking.


For the next step, sign up for free email software like Aweber.

Do the steps in this video I created to connect Aweber, your free giveaway product, and your sales funnel.

DO NOT move on until you finish those steps…

Step 6: Traffic

Everything is connected! All that’s left is to make people aware of you.

That means creating valuable content.

Before landing, I chose to create this email.

The plan is to repurpose this exact email into a blog, videos, and posts for people interested in flying private.

More specific, the stories in this email will be sent to those leads interest in private jets.

The content will drive them to those FREE 10 Tips for Beginners to Fly Private (that we created from a Google search earlier).

With those valuable 10 tips, I’ll pepper in the link to the sales funnel from step 1 of this email, so we can build an email list and convert sales.

When private flight leads consume the content and purchase, I’ll earn high ticket commissions (over $1,000 per sale).

With 4 minutes left to spare on our flight, the business is ready.

All that’s left is to commit to creating regular pieces of valuable content for the growing audience.

Consistency creates success.

Stop telling yourself excuses.

Stop living a life that’s less than you want.

Follow this process…

Don’t let a year pass by to end up in the same spot you’re at now.

You deserve more! Help is here for you.

With gratitude,