How To Beat The Mind At Its Own Game

The story began when I was working hard to build a sales system for a big product launch.

We were rushing to complete the work, while getting some coaching from a top consultant.

We hoped to launch our offer and get 2,000 sales. Our dream was to reach financial freedom, to replicate our success, and teach our children how to use the same sales method.

The struggle was that “the mind” was getting in my way, telling me, “You can’t sell that much! Who do you think you are?” That meant “the mind” was threatening my family, my business, and the future success of our children.

It made me feel anxious at first and then angry. I was struggling with “the mind,” continually telling me I’m not enough.

I call it “the mind” because it can’t be just my mind. Fear and anger are not only my emotions, you feel them, and other people do as well.

Therefore, “the mind” is the collection of thoughts we share as human beings. They’re not your thoughts; they’re not my thoughts; they’re our thoughts.

Back to the story, I hit bottom when I believed what “the mind” was saying to me. I felt like giving up like I wasted time with this product launch for our business.

Then… it happened…

I was getting coached, and heard something I’ll never forget, “the key to beating the mind is to doubt your doubt.

Finally, I was able to see that my mind was not my mind; it’s “the mind,” and I can always choose to doubt it when it doubts me.

So, I decided to test this idea the next time “the mind” started rambling negative thoughts, so I could teach other people to beat the mind at its own game of negativity.

But there was an issue…

The mind is creative; it will sometimes try to get us to do positive things to avoid doing what we need.

For example, “the mind” will tell people they need to know more information before taking action. We’ve all see these people who study, study, study, but never go out, practice, and fail.

In the end, I committed to doubting everything “the mind” tells me, unless my life is in danger. That allowed me to focus on taking positive action without letting fear cripple me.

This insight meant I could now start living and challenging myself, which meant I could grow because I always developed a habit of doing things that make me uncomfortable.

In the end, I was able to build successful businesses, move across the country, serve my country, and make tons of money.

When It was all said and done, I developed a habit of doubting when “the mind” doubted me.

Which means I live with more fulfillment than ever, I’m always present, positive, and loving at home, and I learned a priceless lesson that will also serve my children.



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