How to Start a Career in Affiliate Marketing

Starting a career in affiliate marketing is one of the best decisions ever!

There are so many people getting into online marketing because it’s valuable.

You can work from anywhere and make ridiculous money with exceptional companies.

But, one thing that confuses most beginner affiliate marketers, is how to start.


What’s the best way for you individually?

The answer depends on your experience, available time, and goals as a marketer.

As a multiple six-figure affiliate marketer, I’ll show you how to get started as a new affiliate marketer.

I’ll show you how I started and how I figured out how to work with the top brands in the world (and you can too)!

We’ll answer 4 questions:

  1. Do you need a marketing degree?
  2. How do you learn to be an affiliate marketer?
  3. What’s the easiest way to start affiliate marketing?
  4. Should you be a specialist or a generalist affiliate marketer?

Here we go!

#1: Do You Need a Marketing Degree?

The short answer is? No.

I’m qualified to say that because I have a marketing degree.

Still, the most relevant college courses I took were two classes in my senior year.

Even then, those classes didn’t give me any hands-on experience.

It was all theory.

98% of my marketing knowledge came from self-study.

It comes from reading books, podcasts, Youtube videos, and attending boot camps similar to the One Funnel Away.

My college experience hasn’t helped my affiliate marketing career.

For example, one day in class, we were doing a marketing project, and I built a simple sales funnel.

The instructor was amazed and wanted me to do a lecture on it.

That’s how I knew I was in the wrong place.

#2: How Do You Learn to be an Affiliate Marketer?

The first step is to decide who you will let teach you affiliate marketing.

Because college is overpriced (and unnecessary) to learn, where can you gain high-income skills?

So many people take one course and think they’re affiliate marketers.

It would be awesome if it were that easy!

That would have cut years off the time it took to become a well-paid affiliate marketer.

There is no way around it; you need to study and APPLY what you learn to get results.

I emphasize “applying” because many students get stuck in the study mode and never take action.

Turn yourself into a brand with your personal stories.

That’s the best place to start.

#3: What’s The Easiest Way to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketers are always looking for the most efficient & effective ways to get results.

That’s how you know affiliate marketing is a fit.

The best way to start affiliate marketing is by… starting!

You need to jump in and do it.

And as we talked about in the last answer, the easiest thing to market is YOU.

Sign up for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or TikTok.

Start making video content and see what people like, share, and comment on the most.

Create more of that topic.

Learn about building an automated online sales system.

Seriously, learn anything and everything you enjoy in affiliate marketing.

There is a niche for any hobby or interest.

That way, you can figure out your specialty.

#4: Should You Be a Generalist or Specialist?

A generalist is a person who does a bunch of different side hustles in affiliate marketing.
You see these people with many different products in many different niches.
A specialist focuses on a core product and builds from there, never leaving their niche.
If you’ve been part of our community for a second, you’ll notice I’m a specialist.
We never go from talking about online marketing to suddenly promoting candles or lotions.
You can be a generalist or a specialist.
In my experience, specialists get paid the most because they develop a mastery of their niche.
For example, Coca-Cola is a specialist company.
You know what they have.
There are no surprises.
They don’t suddenly start talking about something else.
Choose a niche (a topic) you want to focus on in affiliate marketing and plant your roots there.
Learn the industry and master it.
Don’t get distracted by everything else out there.
Do what you love, and the money and numbers will follow.

Affiliate Marketers All Start in the Same Place

The best place for you to start is by learning the basics of affiliate marketing.
The core skills to succeed with marketing (copywriting, customer value journey, human engagement) haven’t changed.
And they likely won’t change in the coming decades.
Learn about mastering affiliate marketing by checking out my Affiliate Marketing Execution Plan.
It gives you the foundation to be a successful affiliate marketer.
The Execution Plan is where you get started on your journey.
But remember, you will be studying AND doing!
It’s an action plan for creating a cash-flowing business. Not theory.
So, expect to take action.
And those actions will lead to your PROFITABLE future.

With gratitude,




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