Learn How To Accumulate Wealth And Be A Millionaire

I’m going to show you how the wealthy get money and keep it. There are four choices every wealthy leader makes for their life. People who don’t have the money they want are neglecting at least one of these choices.

Growing up, I watched our family go from having money to losing everything over a painful two-decade decline. Back then, I didn’t know the four wealth choices, and my family didn’t either. Understand, just because people make a lot of money doesn’t mean they are financially intelligent.

Growing up, I dreamed of being an entrepreneur. I remember going into my grandparent’s kitchen, opening bags of candy, and setting up a roadside stand to sell it for Halloween. I remember falling in love with selling our extra things at garage sales and upselling people lemonade while they looked around.

At the time, I was very young, and my family was running out of money. My grandfather was a highly paid captain for a yacht, but he wanted to retire. He didn’t have a lot of financial education, but he made a lot of money. His money seemed to go as quickly as it came.

I felt a ton of pain every time we downsized our life, continually moving, facing evictions, repossessions, or jail time because of drug problems with family members. I also felt some bitterness towards my family for falling apart financially.

By 20 years old, I was living on my mom’s small couch. Together we were barely scraping by to pay rent that was only $300 a month. I had no ambitions; I just wanted everything to get handed to me.

However, something incredible happened when I read a self-development book.

I fell in love with reading and eventually came to find the four wealthy choices that every successful person makes.

1. Choose to accumulate wealth. We can accumulate wealth in two ways, actively or passively. Every massive success chooses to grow their wealth actively, not passively.

· Many start a business or grow their existing business.

· Many invest in real estate or other wealthy investments that provide financial leverage.

· Still, many keep their job and start a side hustle that they actively grow into a large business that replaces their job’s income.

2. Choose a strategic approach.

· We make different choices in life, depending on what we commit to accomplishing.

· If you choose to lose weight, you buy healthy food at the grocery store.

· Likewise, those who choose to be millionaires deploy their money in ways that can make them a million dollars.

3. Choose to leverage your efforts.

· If you choose to leverage your money, you invest.

· If you choose to leverage teamwork, you hire people.

· If you choose to leverage your time, you harness the power of technology and teamwork.

4. Choose to make changes in your life. What got you to your current state in life won’t get you to the next level.

· If your life isn’t what you imagine it should be, you need to be open to making changes.

· You can’t earn a small amount of money, spend a lot, and expect to get ahead financially.

· You can’t use a savings account to save your way to wealth.

· You can’t become wealthy unless you make decisions that align with building wealth.

· You can’t become wealthy without being open to change.

This next point is vital. Growing up, I heard the old quote, “Money is the root of all evil.” This quote hurt my journey to success. However, interestingly, people got the verse wrong.

1 Timothy 6:10 says, “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” What the verse is saying is that loving money, for money’s sake, is evil. Being obsessed with money, to have money sends people spiraling down a dark path.

Look at bank robbers; for example, they want money without giving any value or service in return. Bank robbers don’t want to create or serve; they will do whatever it takes to get money without a purpose.

However, when you bring value to others by having a purpose for more money, whether it’s for your family, to do more for your community or the world, or achieve a mission, money is not evil; it’s able to magnify your purpose.

Remember: people make mistakes with accumulating money because they chase the money without attaching a purpose.

My mission is to become the mentor for others that I never had growing up. I see accumulating money as a challenge, a calling to grow, and become my best-self so I can “scale the mountain” and complete the challenge. Money and numbers follow; they never lead.

Wealth is the reward for becoming more by committing to a life of growth and contribution, just as winning the super bowl follows a commitment to being the best team in the NFL.

That’s why I want to help you Lead Your Life to a new level. Imagine how it will feel when you start accomplishing any goal you set. You’ll see that the potential for your life is limitless.

Get my FREE master guide Lead Your Life. Experience how it feels to be on the path of world-class leaders who have time for the people they love, the things they love and feel fulfilled as you set yourself up for a wealthy future.

To your success,




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