The Secret of “Flywheel” Marketing

Steven Droege
3 min readSep 20, 2022

I’m about to tell you something controversial:

Websites are dead!

If you have one you are throwing away money.

Gone are the days when you can just:

  • Make a video
  • Share your website link
  • Get sales

Still, most people start affiliate marketing and think that’s how it works…

That is until they CRASH!

We all know what it’s like to crash…

It’s that feeling when you work hard (for long periods) and have nothing to show for it…

It’s the reason 95% of affiliate marketers fail…

The good news is, it’s not your fault & there’s a solution…

Read on…

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Step #1: Attract

The Flywheel Marketing model focuses on building quality human relationships.

It starts with you interacting with strangers.

As strangers learn about the problems you solve, they become prospects.

Prospects are interested but have not purchased from you.

When you deliver enough value to prospects, they become paying customers.

If the customer’s experience exceeds their expectations, they become promoters.

Promoters tell everyone they know about you and your products.

You start to spin the Flywheel by attracting strangers.

You attract them by creating valuable content.

Your content can be videos, blogs, podcasts, or even ads.

The point is it needs to be valuable.

Step #2: Engage

Alright, you’ve created some valuable content about a topic you love.

People are starting to respond to you!

That’s awesome!

How are you engaging them?

Are you sending them an affiliate link and moving on?

Or are you finding out what problem the person is looking to solve?

How can we ever expect to earn people’s business when we don’t know HOW we can help them?

Insane, right?

Let’s turn the tables.

Do you remember a time when you were interested in a product?

Did you want people to care more about you or your money?

Did you want to feel like a transaction to them?

Or, did you want to feel like people cared about you?

You can feel when a person only wants your money.

And it doesn’t feel good.

If you don’t engage in conversations with people, you are making them feel that way too.

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Step #3: Delight

Let’s recap:

You’ve created valuable content to attract a stranger.

They reached out to you, and you’ve engaged them in conversation.

You found out what problem they need to solve.

Your solution to their problem needs to delight them.

They need to feel like you’ve gone above and beyond what they expected.

The more delighted your customers are, the most people they will tell.

Delighting people creates the force that spins your Flywheel faster.

You create more business for yourself with less effort, using word-of-mouth advertising.

Passive income is created by building an army of (word of mouth) promoters for your business.

Business Growth

That’s how you spin your Flywheel and generate growth for your business.

The more you use these forces (attract, engage, delight), the faster your business can grow.

And it’s all centered around giving other humans incredible experiences.

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With gratitude,

Steven Droege