The TRUTH about how To Make More Sales and avoid Feeling Like A Hostage In Your Business

Steven Droege
3 min readOct 21, 2020


Let me tell you a quick story that happened this morning about a person who changed my perspective around business and why… and what you can learn from it…

I woke up this morning and started watching the videos for a 30-day business challenge my wife and I are doing.

I started the challenge because I wanted to increase my sales, hoping that I can have more time freedom. My greatest desire is to wake up every day and choose how I use my time, instead of feeling like I NEED to be somewhere.

This morning, I struggled with how to break through to the next level and find enough traffic to grow our coaching business. That meant I needed to figure out what I was missing (what I didn’t know) that would elevate our success.

That struggle made me feel irritated because we don’t want to work hard to find out were deploying time, effort, and money in the wrong direction.

Then I started watching the training videos and thought I was about to hear another speech about buying Facebook ads to get more customers. I began to feel like giving up because I knew I needed something else, something different to reach the next level.

Then, my mentor said something simple that changed everything…

He said, “build your dream 100,” and everything changed.

I was able to see the path to growing our business that I didn’t see before.

So I decided to sit in quiet reflection for a few hours to share this insight accurately.

However, I faced a situation that I needed to overcome before writing this for you…

I had to deal with showing you how this lesson relates to leading your business as an entrepreneur.

After meditating on this thought, I overcame the challenge by realizing that we can lead our business to grow by becoming leaders within the groups where our potential customers already hang out.

For example, let’s say you want more customers like Tony Robbins customers. All you need to do is become a leader within Tony Robbin’s groups, and his customers will essentially elevate you to Tony himself.

That process allowed us to see that we need to choose up to 100 influencers in our niche and build relationships with them.

Which meant we could now have a network of valuable personal relationships with very influential people. This insight means we could stop trying so hard to influence the influencers’ customers and focus on becoming their leader and delivering value to the influencers.

In the end, we can build relationships with amazing people who are leaders in their niches and let them influence their vast network for us.

Remember: being shouted out one time by a major influencer on social media is far more valuable than you shouting yourself out a thousand times.

Because of this “dream 100” thought, I built a concrete game plan to reach my favorite influencers within my business niche, have a ton of fun, and make new friends every day.

And in the end, all of this means we are raising our quality of life and surrounding ourselves with incredible people who share our passion and drive for serving others.

The thing I really want you to take away from this is to become a better leader we need to strive to surround ourselves with people who make us feel “uncomfortable.”

So what this means to you in your life / business is you need to choose you your dream influencers to build relationships with.

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