They Grinned When The Other Entrepreneurs Asked Me About Having More Free Time…

Steven Droege
3 min readOct 28, 2020


Today I was chewing on a fascinating memory that goes against what we learn growing up…

I was once a high-level player, operating a successful network marketing business for a healthcare organization.

I wanted to reach the business’s peak level because my dream was to have more time freedom with my family by earning a lot of passive income.

During that period, I was having a hard time empowering my team members to build their network marketing businesses without relying on me for everything.

That meant I was always taking time away from my family for my downline team members.

That always made me feel like I was a hostage to my business. I felt like I had less time freedom than before I started my business.

Then my team members started letting life get in the way and quitting. I felt like it was useless to keep building my business.

But, this unbelievable thing happened…

I realized I was enabling my team members instead of empowering them.

When I learned this distinction, the whole game changed. I enabled my team by doing their work for them instead of empowering them by giving them the tools they needed to be successful and resourceful.

With this insight, I gained the awareness to start taking action and training my team the right way!

So, my plan moving forward was to destroy my “good intention” to do everything for my team, so I could, instead, instill a sense of teamwork and self-confidence.

But that was only the beginning of my challenges…

I still had to work way too hard because my existing team learned to use me as a crutch.

From this experience, I created a leadership system that turns people into confident, world-class leaders who are empowered, not enabled.

This insight meant I could now build teams that grow businesses for the entrepreneur, so entrepreneurs can replace themselves and have more time for what they love.

As a result of this leadership breakthrough, I’ve been able to step away from my business and step into husband and family roles while getting paid more month after month.

I was at last able to focus on everything that fulfills me from sunrise to sunset.

This change meant the world to the people I love because they never have to worry if I’ll be there to support them with important moments in their lives.

The vital point I want you to take from this is that our good intentions for others can make them reliant on us instead of strong and resourceful.

As John Maxwell said, “nobody’s life was ever changed by good intentions. We have to act upon what we know.”

So what this means for your life & business is that you need to empower leaders, so they are equipped to run your company and set you free. You owe it to your business and your family to get replaced.

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