Which of These 5 Mistakes Have You Made With Affiliate Marketing?

Steven Droege
4 min readAug 23, 2022


If you’ve started affiliate marketing and still haven’t made a sale, it’s not your fault.

These are the barriers holding you back from the success you want.

Most gurus prefer to focus on the success steps, but you need to know the expensive mistakes to avoid!

If you want to build a massive, engaged list of people obsessed with your business…

Treat these mistakes like the latest plague & stay away!

Mistake #1: No Lead Magnet

If you don’t know what a lead magnet is (or use one), it’s costing you sales.

Let’s explain a lead magnet with a story…

A few days ago, our city was hosting an outdoor concert.

It was sponsored by local restaurants, which set up tables to learn more.

The brewery was holding a raffle for a $50 gift card.

To enter, all you needed to do was write down your name and email.

The $50 gift card was the lead magnet because it motivated people to take action.

The moral of the story is to give value to people first.

If you are sharing your affiliate link hoping someone will buy…

They won’t…

Mistake #2: Lame Titles or Hooks

Most people focus so hard on creating content that the hook (title/subject line) is just an afterthought…

But, reflect on this…

How come you opened this email?

It’s because you read the subject line (the hook) first!

Pro tip: Spend as much time on the hook for your content as you do to create the content.

The hook’s job is to sell someone on opening your content.

NOT to sell your product.

If it wouldn’t hook you, don’t think it would hook other people!

Mistake #3: No Follow-Up After Opt-In

Alright, you have a great lead magnet.

And people are signing up like crazy for your email list.

Now what?

Are you collecting a list of people you never talk to?

Or are you following up with them?

REMEMBER: Conversations create Conversions

If you’re not engaging with leads (every day), don’t expect magical sales.

You need to use a flywheel marketing design instead of sales funnel marketing.

Sales funnels have their place but are not the only piece.

You can’t succeed today by sending someone to a sales funnel & praying they buy.

Mistake #4: Terrible Graphics

Mistake #1 was having NO lead magnet…

Mistake #4 is not showing people a high-quality image of what they get.

Pictures give a sense of ownership.

It’s like home shopping.

Have you ever thought about buying a home without any pictures?

Hopefully not!

But, what about when it has great images?

You scroll through and say things like “look at my master bathroom.”

You are imagining living in it & owning it (even before you do).

That’s the power of visuals.

Don’t lose sales by not using images.

Mistake #5: No Logical “Next Step”

Don’t assume your leads know what to do next…

They probably don’t…

Spell out the next step VERY clearly.

If you’ve watched my videos (like this one), there is always a clear next step at the end.

This mistake is the reason that many websites don’t make sales.

When you drop a lead on a website, there is no logical next step.

There’s just a TON of buttons, menus, and options.

Confusion sets in…

And a confused person will never buy from you.

Here’s your next step:

Reply to this article and let me know…

What mistakes/lessons have you learned from marketing online?

With gratitude,


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