Why didn’t you WARN me?!

“I could have quit my job 11 years ago! How could you not tell me about this?!”

My friend from several years ago was OUTRAGED, {{ subscriber.first_name }}.

See, I had been testing some new marketing techniques that a mentor had recommended to me.

Some webinars, social media, a few Facebook ads, nothing too wild.

Oh yeah. And email marketing.

I had told my friend that he was welcome to try out some email scripts he liked…

And I’m sure you can see where this is going.

He had unknowingly put together a weird combination of the scripts I gave him one morning…

And found himself desperately overwhelmed with sales and people blowing up his inbox… with just about everything.

“Why didn’t you warn me?” he shouted.

“Sorry, I figured you would have started slow!”

He was pretty upset at the surprise flood of attention he’d experienced… but we both had to laugh.

Now, I don’t recommend my friends method…

But learning how to send an email that generates avalanches of sales for yourself is extremely important.

In fact, there are really only two options.

If you’re not actively emailing, you’re actively losing money.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend unleashing the flood all at once like my friend…

Instead, the best way to keep things clear is through following the best practices in the Email Execution Plan to optimize your sales results, experience consistent growth, and massive engagement!

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Small, consistent action can lead to big improvements in your success.

Get ready to experience increased sales and engaged subscribers by copy & pasting a few simple emails using 4 straightforward steps.

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To your success,




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